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A website where online Scrabble players from all over the world can enjoy friendly and competitive games in a range of tournaments to suit all tastes.

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Competitions last from 4 to 14 days, mostly using the Collins UK dictionary but tournaments using other wordlists such as NWL US are available.

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About MyScrabbleApp.com

MyScrabbleApp.com is a dynamic website for running Scrabble leagues developed and managed by me, Rachel Bingham.

I've been playing in an online league since 2009, originally it was Adam Kretschmer's UK Online Scrabble League which morphed into FBOS and finally ended up as the Facebook Scrabble League run by Daniel Stembridge in conjunction with an excellent automated scoring program written by Elliott Manley. Inspired by this, and with my three children busy at school all day, I dusted off my programming credentials and started on an app to record and analyse my online league result data.

In July 2014, FSL decided to start running a weekly league competition and I adapted the app to be able to do this. The Fast League caters for around 50-60 players each week, allowing them to record their results, automatically inform players when results are entered, and dynamically compute the league table.

In 2015, the app starting hosting other online leagues including the Sit-and-Go Scrabble League, a monthly drop-in for keen, fast players and a new bi-weekly league FSL Extra which dovetails with the FSL Main League.

In 2016, we started the MSA End-of-Year Knockout tournament . The current holder, Paul Coyle, is a rising star in the real-life tournament scene who was also a finalist in 2017.

2016 also saw the formation of the most successful league on the app, ABSP Online, exclusively for ABSP members. The ABSP hope to encourage other online Scrabblers to join their community and hopefully venture into the live tournament Scrabble scene.

MyScrabbleApp has also hosted various one-off events such as the 3rd Annual Fossils and Chips Tournament, the brainchild of Daniel Stembridge, a Round Robin between the two premier Scrabble AI programs, Quackle and Elise, and 22 mere mortals (actually top class WESPA rated players) from the Facebook Scrabble League.

The leagues on MyScrabbleApp are maintained by dedicated admins. I'd like to thank them all for giving up their free time to help the site continue to provide players with a fun environment to indulge their hobby.

I hope you enjoy using MyScrabbleApp! In 2019, we are launching Version 2 of the app. Please feel free to explore its features and let me know what new features you would like to see. Message or email me any time at rachel@myscrabbleapp.com.

Rachel Bingham
5th January 2019

By kind permission of Natalie Zolty, here is my profile from the April 2015 edition of OnBoard Magazine.