Premium Feature: Results Bot Addons

What are the addons for?

The Results Bot is a premium service for which you will need to purchase Addons. This allows you to auto-submit results from Scrabble GO via the Results Bot .

How much do they cost?

Addons cost 瞿5. Each addon entitles you to submit results automatically in up to 20 tournaments. That works out at approximately 100 results assuming you submit half your results (with your opponent submitting the other half) and your division size is 11 so you have 10 games per tournament or round.

So, for example, if you play in FSL Fast every week and FSL Extra every two weeks, an Addon would last for about 3 months (ie 13 weeklies + 6 bi-weeklies). If you play in fewer or more tournaments, it could last more or less than this. You can check on your submissions at any time from your My Details page.

As an introductory offer, addons purchased in May & June 2020 will cost only 瞿3. In addition, if you purchase your first addon before the end of May any tournament results which already started in May can still be submitted free.

I have already subscribed to myscrabbleapp. Why should I pay to submit results?

You can still submit results in the normal way. Submission using the Results Bot is a premium service which is entirely optional.

How can I see if my addon is active?

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What happens if I auto-submit to the Results Bot without an active addon?

The Results Bot can only enter results for players with active addons. If you submit without an addon, you will receive an automatic reply telling you that the result has not been entered. (You will need to find your submission in your sent email folder and enter the result manually.)

When should I purchase a new addon?

Once you have used up an addon by submitting results in up to 20 tournaments, you will need to purchase a new addon. (You must be logged in to see this feature)