How do I get a myscrabbleapp account?

Send a Facebook message to Rachel Bingham to set up an account on MyScrabbleApp or send an email via the Contact page.

Most online leagues have a FB forum for making announcements and posting results, so it is recommended that you have a Facebook account to join in the tournaments.

How do I log on?

Click the Continue with Facebook button. The first time you log on you will need to authorize FB login for MyScrabbleApp. The next time it will log you in automatically.

I don't want to use the Facebook login. Is there another way?

Yes. You can use the username and password login instead. Your username will be your email address so you will need to either set this in the app (if you already logged on with FB) or message Rachel your email address.

Where do I find the tournaments?

You must be logged in to view a league page.

Use the My Leagues dropdown menu to find your leagues. Each tournament belongs to a league. Each league has its own set of rules (see the Instruction tab on the league page).

The Leagues link in the left-hand menu gives descriptions of all available leagues with links to their respective FB forums.