Entering Results

We have finished the match. How to I enter the result?

Go back to myscrabbleapp. To record a result, enter the scores in the boxes provided, plus and optional message. Click update or just hit return after entering the scores but please note that you can only update one result at a time. All result updates are recorded in the results log and an email is sent to your opponent (if they have provided their email address).

Android users: If you have trouble using the Update feature, try clicking Update first to arrive at a page with just that result on it. From there you should be able to enter the scores and click Update

Who should enter the result?

The player who plays the last tile should record the result immediately. However, if you notice that a game has finished and the score has not been entered you should enter it yourself so that the result is not mislaid.

I have entered the wrong scores. What should I do now?

If you accidentally enter an incorrect score, you can simply re-enter the correct one or enter the scores as 0-0 until the game has finished. Results continue to be editable by either player up till a round closes.

I won the match but the spread showing is negative. Has my win been recorded correctly?

Click the Update or View button next to your result. The spread is highlighted in green if you won and red if you lost.

Here's a game I lost. The tournament has not yet finished so the result is still updatable.

Here's a game I won. The tournament is over so the result is final and there is no longer and Update button.

Where can I see the full results for my division?

Click the link in the League/Series column to view your results for a given tournament.

The league page shows the current state of all divisions. Each division is shown under its own tab. If you are playing in the current round, your own division will be the first one you see. Click the Div tabs to view other divisions.