Slow play and contacting admin

My opponent is playing very slowly. Should I enter the result?

No. You must not enter partial results without discussion with an admin.

  • Send a screenshot of your match to an admin via Facebook Messenger.
  • Make sure the scores and your opponent are clearly visible.
  • Remember to include which tournament the match relates to.
  • Send in good time (at least 15 minutes before the round is due to close).
  • Admin will make an adjudication and enter the result for you if deemed appropriate.

I still can't find the answer to my question in the FAQs, who can I ask?

For a league-specific enquiry, please contact a league admin or post on the forum. Admins can be found in the Members section of the league's FB forum and also at the bottom of the Instructions tab on the league home page.

The Contact page gives details of how to contact Rachel.