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MyScrabbleApp.com is a dynamic website for running Scrabble leagues written in PHP developed by Rachel Bingham.

I've been playing in an online league since 2009, originally it was Adam Kretschmer's UK Online Scrabble League which morphed into FBOS and finally ended up as the Facebook Scrabble League run by Daniel Stembridge in conjunction with an excellent automated scoring program written by Elliott Manley.

I originally developed MyScrabbleApp in April 2014 to record and analyse all my online and live results in one place. It allowed me to scrutinize results against particular opponents and keep track of my performance in all the various leagues which had sprung up. In July 2014, FSL decided to start running a weekly league competition and I adapted the app to be able to do this. The Fast League caters for around 50-60 players each week, allowing them to record their results, automatically inform players when results are entered, and dynamically compute the league table.

As a member of the London Scrabble League, I was also keen to record those results so I developed a form on the app to enter each fixture's results and send them off by email to Moira Conway, the League Results Co-ordinator. This turned out to be quite useful to other members, so much so that, with Moira's help, the app was adapted to manage the league results and dynamically produce the League Table. A few months later, Viv Bishop, the League Fixture's Organiser, helped me enhance the app to manage member's fixture preferences and to produce the fixture list each month. (This part of the website is only visible to members of the London League.)

In 2015, the app starting hosting other online leagues including the Weird Fellows, an online league for ABSP members and Phoenix, the Sit-and-Go Scrabble League and a new bi-weekly league FSL Extra starting every other weekend from the FSL Main League.

MyScrabbleApp has also hosted various one-off events in 2015 such as the FSL Knock-Out Cup and the 3rd Annual Fossils and Chips Tournament, the brainchild of Daniel Stembridge, a Round Robin between the two premier Scrabble AI programs, Quackle and Elise, and 22 mere mortals (actually top class WESPA rated players) from the Facebook Scrabble League.

At the end of 2015, I started developing a new website – the ABSP Ratings and Members Database – in conjunction with Steve Perry. The website went live to ABSP members on March 1st 2016.

I hope you enjoy using MyScrabbleApp! In March 2016, MyScrabbleApp became a subscription service with members able to compete in the various different online league competitions run on the website. I'd like to thank all subscribers, as well as those mentioned above, for helping to make it a successful website with well over 300 users and over 1.4 million hits since it was created. Do you have any comments or queries? Perhaps you'd like to start a new league or want to see a new feature implemented? Use the comments form below or email me directly.

Rachel Bingham

By kind permission of Natalie Zolty, here is my profile from the April edition of OnBoard Magazine.

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"Thanks for a great way to play xx" MM 26.9.15

"I've been using your scoring app for Phoenix games for a couple of rounds, and now for Sit-And-Go....and in a word, I think it's fantastic!" EH 30.5.15

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